The Lay of the (knitting) Land.


I think most knitters have a certain habit of starting more projects than they finish. I’m certainly no exception to this. Having finished up two small projects recently, I have spent countless hours in the last few days searching Ravelry for my next big knit. I’m really trying to convince myself that the sweater I’ve been ignoring for a year, that is 90% finished, is just as exciting as a new Brooklyn Tweed pattern. The last few months, I have done well, and finished up several projects that had deadlines or had spend rather too much time at the bottom of the knitting basket. Here’s how I stand:

Recent F.O.

1. Skiff Toque by Jared Flood. Yarn: Shelter

2. Pyukkleen Cowl by Ysolda Teague. Yarn: Jamieson Heather Aran


1. Hermione’s Everyday Socks by Erica Lueder. Yarn: Plucky Feet and Malabrigo Sock

Finished one sock a year ago. I finally got going on #2 recently. The plan is to finish these up first, before anything else gets started.

2. Rolling Rock by Thea Colman. Yarn: The Fibre Company Savannah DK

This sweater has been sitting untouched since about June. I had only pre-caked a few skeins and when it became time to cake some more to keep going, I… uh… got distracted by something shiny? I’d actually really like to finish this one.


3. Stria by Bristol Ivy. Yarn: The Fibre Company Acadia

I am so close to being done this sweater, and yet I haven’t touched it in over a year. All that is left is the I-cord bind off, but I just know how tedious it is going to be and, well, here we are.




1. There’s a Grasshopper sitting on my shelf, which was cast on in March of 2013. I think that one is probably past it’s expiration. I’ve got to accept that I really hated my yarn choice for the pattern and that I am not going to want to knit or wear the finished object.




Old Romance

pattern: Old Romance

designer:  Joji Locatelli

made for: originally myself, but gifted to Sarah.

I cast on this stunner while hiking in Waterton National park near the end of August.

The sizing was a little tricky for me  on this one because I have pretty wide arms, but not long arms. Since it is knit across the entire shoulders and arms at once (long rows!!!), you can’t really try it on and check the sizing. It was hard to tell while making the lace panels, what would be the right length. In the end, I knit 19 of the leaf-shaped pattern repeats. I ended up merging the medium and large sizes for the arms and then sticking to the medium size for the body. This meant that all my stitch counts were wildly off. I also had to figure out some of the numbers for myself, places like the underarm shaping, so make sure it was symmetrical. I’m not sure if it was worth the trouble, as it ended up a little snug in the arms anyway, and I decided to gift the cardigan to Sarah, since she liked it so much, about a month into the knitting. I found a few mistakes in the pattern, where there were a few directions missing for my size, but looking at the other sizes made it pretty clear what was required.


I used Pigeonroof studios silky high twist sock in the GLOW colourway “Stony Vein”. This yarn is silky and has so much depth. It’s unreal. Even non-knitters were commenting on the complex colours.